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Goodbye & Hello!

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Jamme's Blog | 0 comments

On a sunny day in Indian Summer not so long ago when Thelonious Monkfish had barely cracked open its doors, Danny Ko walked in with the bravado of a Berklee freshman on full scholarship! Danny hails from Ottawa, though he began his life’s journey on the Korean Peninsula. He brought in his CD and told us, “I want to play here. Your name is cool. You should have live jazz!”

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Jazz for the Palate!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015 in Jamme's Blog | 0 comments

The reason I use the phrase “Jazz for the Palate” to describe our food (other than to justify the musical reference in our restaurant’s name) is that in discussing cooking, the jazz metaphor fits. How does it fit? Once you know the basic rules and techniques of cooking, you can use your own sense of taste and smell and cultural inclinations to create a riff on any tried and true recipe. Interestingly, the metaphor of cooking is also used to describe jazz.For example, if a jazz cat likes your solo, he might say, “It’s burning!”, “That song was cooking!”, or “Smokin’ solo!” In jazz, the written score is only the jumping point from which many wonderful things can develop! Musicians use the underpinning structures – the chords and scales – of a song to veer off the traditional melody, adding new melodic, harmonic, and dissonant elements to introduce surprise and depth to the piece.   The same is true with cooking. I’ve experienced dining out with my own French-Canadian mother who can root out any flavor in a dish like a truffle hog. She doesn’t snort like one, though, so please don’t draw the simile out to its most logical conclusion! When a dish is placed in front of her, she smells the food, then...

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Cecil Ramirez & Me in The Jazz Baroness Room!

Posted by on Oct 8, 2015 in Jamme's Blog | 0 comments

A few weeks ago, I discovered an old friend from a past life lived and lost in the mists of time. At first glance, we have little in common. He is Filipino and lives in sunny Sacramento, whereas I am French-Canadian and live in the alternately frosty and balmy environs of Boston. He is married with grown children, and I am unmarried with a cat. (Not that I live alone—I’d never live alone! Who would I blame for all of...

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