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Dr. Thelonious’ Zombie Elixir

zombie elixirThelonious Monkfish’s Signature Wine is a fruity sparkling Brachetto.  The Brachetto grape produces a light-bodied, highly aromatic ruby wine with cheerful notes of strawberries, raspberries and even a subtle hint of rose petals.  Less known in the U.S. than its sister sparkling wines, Prosecco, Moscato d’Asti and Franciacorta, the Brachetto sparkling wine is just waiting to be discovered by the American palate.

We find the the ruby Brachetto pairs beautifully with fish.  We suggest that you try it with our Red Riding Hood Roll – spicy tuna, shrimp tempura + cucumber ensconced in sushi rice + green soy paper, draped with pared scallop + strawberry medallions, topped with black tobiko + drizzled with red berry coulis.  Or with our Hello Kitty Maki – lobster meat, mango + cucumbers wrapped in pink soy paper and drizzled with lime mayo. 

If you are not in the mood for fish, perhaps try the Brachetto with Pig’s Tears -Grilled pork loin, red onion, chili, green onions, mint, spicy lime sauce, toasted ground rice + sticky rice or with Roasted Duck Curry with Lychee -roast duck, lychee, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, peppercorns, keffir lime leaf + basil simmered in red curry + jasmine rice.

Whichever way you try it, Dr. Thelonious’ Zombie Elixir remains the top-selling Instantaneous Cure for VooDoo Curses, Infectious Zombie Bites, A Hard Day at the Office, or Person’s Living in a Vegetative State.

Drink it, quaff the precious Elixir and use the bottle to smash zombies over the head… OR hide at your peril in a pitch black basement behind an old broken refrigerator.

In addition, of every bottle of Dr. Thelonious’ Zombie Elixir sold, $2 will go to the Cambridge Jazz Festival’s Johnny Hodge’s Fund.



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