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Our First Jazz Fest Is Fast Approaching!

Jerry Bergonzi, Saxophonist

 Jerry Bergonzi, Saxophonist

Our first Thelonious Monkfish Jazz Festival is just around the corner!

Scott Goulding and I have put together eleven consecutive days of jazz performances in the Jazz Baroness Room to commemorate Jazz Week 2016! It was Scott’s idea; I didn’t even know there was a Jazz Week. I just thought that jazz lovers listened to it all year round!

Brian, our bar manager, vacationed a few months ago in New Orleans, and he said that there was jazz on every corner. “Wow” I thought, “Nawlins is the way life should be!”

Our performers really are fantabulous!

They’re all at the top of their game:

Jerry Bergonzi is considered one of the top saxophonists in the world–even better than Kenny G! (tongue in cheek, people.) Seriously, he is considered a musical genius!

Dominique Eade is an amazing singer who has also taught many other jazz singers how to warble, chirp and tweet, such as Roberta Gambarini, Lisa Thorson and Patrice Williamson!

Yoko Miwa has so much personality!

Eula Lawrence and Paul Broadnax are both sweethearts!

Tim Ray is a devil on the keyboard, but an angel off stage!

As a friend, Mike Turk is funny as hell, yet he expresses such exquisite beauty when he plays!

I can’t go through them all here because my hand is cramping as I write this on my iPad Pro, and my social media girls tell me that my blog entries are too long!

We are talking live music here, though, you know? Where people who have studied music for a lifetime–often languishing in poverty–get up in front of a crowd and express their own sense of beauty and emotion and story and vulnerability through their instruments? Seeking to connect, to establish between individuals a shared sense of meaning and communion?

The instruments used in this festival will include the piano, the harmonica, the voice, the saxophone, the trumpet, the drums and the acoustic double bass. I only regret that we couldn’t get anyone to play the kazoo–usually, no major jazz festival proceeds without one. If you don’t believe me, just ask Berklee’s president Roger Brown for confirmation!

I always feel so lucky to watch our performances, and I want to share this joy with all of you! And I’m making so many friends–who knew that jazz musicians were some of the nicest people in the world? Initially, I assumed that they’d be egocentric losers, screaming in their heads, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” Well, there are a few, and you know who you are! But all in all, they  are a lovely set!

If you’re interested in attending our jazz festival, see the schedule here. The only thing is, when you come in, you can’t just sit there and go, “Wow, man, these cats are really cookin’! Dude, listen to Bergonzi and Grenadier trade licks! Far out!” No, you have to eat and drink, too.

When you’re a restaurant, you gotta push the food and drink, am I right? No way we can present the top jazz cats and birds in Boston (and some from New York) without selling some grub, no? So make a dinner reservation! You’ve probably heard that our food is scrumptious, so what have you got to lose? A decade or so of George Washingtons? That ain’t nuttin’ f’what you gettin’!

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