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The Jazz Baroness Room

Thelonious Monkfish presents live jazz on stage in The Jazz Baroness Room: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Educational programs are in the works for Mondays, so stay tuned.

Our aim is to bring the best artists possible to our stage that will only cost you the price of dinner! With Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory down the street, the talent pool from which we draw is fathomless!

Our focus is on instrumental and vocal jazz that can be enjoyed in a relaxed dining room. Though we appreciate the avant garde, this jazz spot is not that kind of place. Owner Jamme Chantler likes to say:  “Make the music pretty and sad!” He means to play beautifully and engage emotionally with the song and the audience. Let’s all remember Nat King Cole’s words: “”I’m not playing for other musicians. We’re trying to reach the guy who works all day and wants to spend a buck at night. We’ll keep him happy.”

Toots Thielemans, a personal hero of Jamme’s, was asked about how the stroke he’d sustained in 1981 had affected his playing. He contended that while he was no longer able to play as many notes as he used to, he could still “play the good ones”.  At Thelonious Monkfish, we are interested in establishing a venue wherein only the good notes are played.

Come join us! Sit back, have a little sushi, a Bebop Smash cocktail and listen to your heart’s delight!

Among great artists featured are: Yoko Miwa Trio, Tim Ray Trio, Mike Turk, April Hall Quartet, Patrice Williamson, Lydia Harrell, Donna Byrne, Eula Lawrence, Dominique Eade, Rebecca Cline Trio, Maxim Lubarsky Trio, Thaddeus Hogarth and John Baboian, Jiri Nedoma Trio, Teresa Ines, Alexei Tsiganov, Christian Li Trio, Kevin Harris Trio, Joe ‘Sonny’ Barbato, Mark Shilansky and more! Sure, you can see them at other venues around town, but why would you? We have the coolest jazz spot in the city!