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Thelonious Monkfish & Yoko Miwa In Search of a Piano

Thelonious Monkfish & Yoko Miwa In Search of a Piano
       The Yamaha C6X is in the house, on stage and ready to be played by illustrious pianists of worldwide eminence!   In  fact, Herbie Hancock will be tickling the ivories on a weekly basis: he’s even bought a palatial condo in Cambridge to facilitate his residency here. Yeah–because we can afford his usual stipend of $100,000 per performance, no problem. KIDDING!
       My friend Yoko Miwa–pianiste extraordinaire–and I saw some exquisite pianofortes at well-known shops in the greater Boston area, but the customer service couldn’t compare to Roger’s Piano in Natick. We purchased the piano there because Carol and Roger placed creating friendship with us above the sale. This is how I like to approach business as well: People first, money second! (Though I do love money. In fact, I love to bathe in bitcoin–it creates more bubbles than cold hard cash.)

        Roger brought Yoko and me around to several pianos that he felt would work well for us. Yoko first played a Yamaha C2X and felt that it was lacking in volume. Next, she tried a six-foot Schimmel and seemed to enjoy the quality of its sound, but thought that its action was too light to the touch. Roger suggested a Yamaha C3X, since he said that the C3X on up through the C7X really benefitted from changes made after Yamaha bought Bosendorfer. Of course, these improvements are most evident in thyokopianoeir hand-made CFX series, but they’ve trickled down to their conservatory series and that’s what counts to me. Yoko enjoyed the C3X and declared it a possibility.
       “But you’ve got to try this Steinway!” Roger declared. “It’s a 1960s Hamburg A rebuilt in Hamburg!”
       Yoko played it and loved it. It really did resonate with a depth of sound not evident in the others we had tried! Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.
       One factor that discouraged us from purchasing the Steinway was price. Sad to say.
       Besides, companies that rely more on their giant marketing machinery than on the quality of their products irritate me! (Do you hear me, Apple??????? Ahem. I’m sorry. I digress.)
       Steinway has relied heavily on its marketing for years. “Oh, you’ve got to have a Steinway. There is no piano like it!” I’ve heard many times. “Really?” Tell that to the makers of C. Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Fazioli, Grotrian, Sauter and Steingraeber & Söhne—all European manufacturers of outstanding pianos! And there are others who insist that Mason & Hamlin is the better of the two preeminent American piano makers.



   When Yoko and I discussed the different pianos afterwards, she seemed to settle on a Yamaha, yet I felt that the C3X was too small and wanted to spring for the C5X. It is six foot seven inches and would fit perfectly on our new oak stage in the windows of the former Rulls: Italian Clothing store. Roger and Carol steered me toward the C6X, however, because they had it in stock and wouldn’t have to undertake the paperwork needed to order the C5X. They had also been saving their cash to purchase several Bosendorfers and selling the C6X would help their cash flow. To this end, they discounted the C6X to the price of the C5X. What a great deal for Thelonious Monkfish! And as it happens, the C6X at seven feet is perfect for our stage! It makes a dramatic impression while still leaving room for a drummer and a bassist–and perhaps a singer? (Just not off-key Marie!)
Our Off-Key Marie Roll: "Off-Key Marie, She sang a song that killed a mockingbird!"

Off-Key Marie Roll:
“Off-Key Marie, She sang a song that killed a mockingbird!”

       Now the piano sits on our stage, waiting for someone to come play it. Will it be you?

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